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The Australian Brumby magazine is the only magazine of its kind dedicated solely to the Australian Brumby (Australia's wild horses).

The Australian Brumby Magazine offers print editions for just $12.50 per magazine which includes postage to your door. We also provide our digital versions online 100% FREE at the end of the month for that issue period. If you would like to see each issue as soon as it is released as well as special discounts offers and competitions plus more please sign up for a yearly online membership for only $20! 






This one-of-a-kind, premium full-colour glossy, (300 gsm cover) bi-monthly publication showcases the Australian Brumby as a unique and versatile type of horse to suit all disciplines, featuring entertaining stories, educational articles (eg. equine care, nutrition and training articles) breathtaking photos, and news and information. Our magazine is the first-ever official publication for the Australian Brumby and a voice for the Australian Brumby as a unique equine. The Australian Brumby Magazine is distributed Australia wide and can be distributed internationally to all subscribers. The Australian Brumby Magazine is a continuing source for all who love this majestic and versatile breed and want to promote the most perfect versatile and loyal horses in the world. Our magazine is also a wonderful source for horse lovers and equine enthusiasts worldwide. 


The Source for:


Australian Brumby Information
Timely information with topics ranging from trainer interviews and relevant training articles to health, nutrition, marketing and future directions for the wild horses of Australia.


ABM News and Information

Different association happenings with insights into the issues, people and personalities shaping the industry, as well as upcoming news and events and results from past events and shows.


The Australian Brumby Business
The Australian Brumby Horse marketing tool for featuring the industry's best professionals, horses, and services.

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Photographs by Amie Wilson
KIAHJOY photography